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I believe that design is something that should be guided and informed. Each designer has a different set of thoughts and opinions on what makes design "good"; mine can be summarized by three key points. I believe design should be clear, simple and perfect. All of the work I do is guided by these three principles.


Design should be the most straightforward solution to a visual problem. Whether creating a logo, poster or choosing a typeface for a website, the end product should be clear, legible and immediately understandable.


Design should be simple and to the point. Over (and unnecessary) decoration impedes clarity and understanding and results in design solutions that are muddled. Simplicity is always key!


Design should be expertly crafted. Attention to detail and meticulous assembly shows passion and a designer’s connection to their work.



Identity & Branding
Publication Design
Information Design
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Lauren Hawkins


Edmonton, AB

Design Experience:

7+ years


Diploma in Digital Media Design (NAIT, 2010)

Certificate in Design Foundations (Grant MacEwan Univeristy, 2011)

Diploma in Design & Illustration (Grant MacEwan University, 2013)


I am a dedicated and hard-working designer who loves cooking, baking, and travelling. I have a passion for clean, simple, clear design that is thoughtful yet effective. In conjunction with my diploma in Design Studies & Illustration, I have a diploma in Digital & Interactive Media Design. This has provided me with an abundance of experience in web design and development—but that's not where my passion for design lies. Instead, my creative fire burns for branding, publication design, and typography. I enjoy solving complex design challenges with innovative, fun, and elegant solutions. In my spare time when I am not thinking about designing, I enjoy dabbling in creative writing and video games. In my opinion, there is never a "bad time" to get together with friends and family to chat, share a laugh and some good food. I also enjoy curling up with my cats and a book when I need some downtime.



If you would like to discuss my work, request a resume, or ask for a project consultation, please send me an email at [email protected].

To see a digital copy of my portfolio, please download it here.

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